Prize Bond Schedule 2022 Check Here

The Prize Bond Schedule 2022 has been announced by the National Savings of Pakistan. Prize Bond draws happen every three months. The Prize Bond Schedule shows that the Prize Bond Draw takes place in different cities in Pakistan. Each Prize Bond has a number of prizes for Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40000, and Premium Bond. Below is a list of all of the dates for Prize Bonds from January to December of 2022.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022 in Pakistan

The schedule for National Savings Pakistan Prize Bonds for the year 2022 runs from January 1 to December 15, 2022. From January to December, you can find Prize Bond Schedules for PKR 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, and 40000 Premium Prize Bonds. The government set up this prize bond programme so that ordinary people can take part. Those who are interested or involved can find out everything they need to know about their prize bond.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022 State Bank of Pakistan Check Online

The list for next year was posted a month before the new year started. The prize bond draw schedule lists the draw number, the date and time of the draw, and the place where the draw will take place. Each prize is given away four times a year, and some months have four draws, others have two, and some have three. The draw will happen every 15 days. But Sunday is not part of the weekend, and there is no draw on that day. Next year, all of the draw lists, cities, and full information will be added to this page along with the Prize bond Draw Schedule. In December 2022, the new Prize bond schedule for 2022 will be made public.

Prize Bond Schedule

Download Prize Bond Schedule 2022 PDF

To find the Prize bond Draw Schedule for 2022, you must first understand what a Prize bond is. The reason we have to find them every year before the year starts is so that we can plan for the next expected draw. The 200, 750, and 1500 prize bonds that most middle-class people all over the country own are the most popular ones to win. They buy bonds for a month or even a year and keep them in the hope that some of them will bring them luck. I saw that someone had gotten a good amount of money from these good papers.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022 pic

You can download the Prize Bond Schedule 2022 pic on this page. The guess papers are just a waste of time and a lot of people’s thoughts as they sit around tables and chairs. They only see random numbers, and when they find the best suit that wasn’t picked, they tell many of their coworkers who are interested in buying and storing money in the form of Prize bonds. The schedule for these papers will only give you time to figure out how to budget your money.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022 Result

The schedule for next year’s prize bonds, for 2022, will be posted in December 2022. Keep telling us what you think so we can find the best way for you to use prize bonds to manage your money. On this page, you can find the entire Prize bond Draw dates for next year. The prize bond schedule will tell you how to buy and sell your bonds at the right time, so you can plan to spend your money on the right denomination at the right time.

25000 Prize Bond Schedule 2022 Online Check

The 25000 prize bond schedule for 2022 is not in this official gazette because the Government of Pakistan has decided to stop selling them. After a few months, this 25000 prize bond will be added to the premium 25000 prize bond, which will only be sold on the CNIC through registered banks.

Prize bond Draw Schedule 2022 JPEG File

This Prize Bond Draw Schedule for 2022 can be saved as a jpeg file. Click on the picture above and save it to your phone or computer to find out when the next draw will be. National savings updates are used to change the Prize bond Draw Schedule for 2022 and other information. In a few days, this page will have the Prize bond Schedule for 2022.

Prize Bond Schedule 2022 Date and City Name

No.Bond PriceDraw #Draw DateDraw City Name
1750 Rs.9117 January 2022Peshawar
21500 Rs.9015 February 2022Muzaffarabad
3100 Rs.3815 February 2022Hyderabad
4200 Rs.9015 March 2022Lahore
5750 Rs.9115 April 2022Karachi
61500 Rs.9016 May 2022Rawalpindi
7100 Rs.3816 May 2022Faisalabad
8200 Rs.9015 June 2022Multan
9750 Rs.9115 July 2022Lahore
101500 Rs.9115 August 2022Peshawar
11100 Rs.3915 August 2022Muzaffarabad
12200 Rs.9115 September 2022Hyderabad
1340000 Rs.7903 October 2022Quetta
1425000 Rs.3603 October 2022Rawalpindi
1540000 Rs.7906 October 2022Muzaffarabad
1625000 Rs.3606 October 2022Hyderabad
17750 Rs.9217 October 2022Quetta
181500 Rs.9115 November 2022Karachi
19100 Rs.3915 November 2022Rawalpindi
2040000 Rs.7909 December 2022Karachi
2125000 Rs.3609 December 2022Faisalabad
2240000 Rs.7912 December 2022Multan
2325000 Rs.3612 December 2022Lahore
24200 Rs.9115 December 2022Faisalabad

How Can I Check the Prize Bond Result?

The Prize Bond Draw Result can be found on business page. Where the full list of winning numbers and the serial number are published.

What is the Prize Bond Schedule of 2022?

Prize Bond Draws happen in different cities across Pakistan, and National Savings is in charge of them. There is a new draw every two weeks, for a total of 36 draws per year. On this page, you can find out when the prizes for the bond you bought will be given out.

What is the date of Prize Bond Draws?

The dates depend on how much money you have in your bond. For example, if you have a Rs. 25000 bond, the draw will happen four times a year, every three months.

Can I attend the Prize Bond Draw personally?

Yes, you can go to the National Savings office in the city where the draw takes place. Check the schedule and go to the office at 9 a.m. on the right date. For safety, bring your CNIC with you.

The Schedule of 2022 is same as 2021?

The schedule for prize bonds in 2022 is very different from the schedule for 2021. So pay close attention to the schedule.

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Can I Download the Prize Bond Schedule?

You can get the prize bond schedule for 2022 by clicking on the “Download” button at the top. The file can then be saved in PDF format and used later.

What if I Win the Prize?

If you win, you can get your prize in one of the next six drawings. You can get your prize by taking your original prize bond and your CNIC to the national saving office. You will get your prize in 3–4 days.

What is National Savings?

State Bank of Pakistan’s National Savings Pakistan is the biggest investment and financial institution in Pakistan. It has assets worth 3.5 Trillion Rs. and is a very important part of Pakistan’s economy.

Can overseas Pakistani Purchase Prize Bonds?

Anyone with a valid CNIC or Nadra card from Pakistan can buy a prize bond and enter the Draw. To buy the bonds, you can go to any bank branch or National Savings office on the list.

What are the securities Features of Prize Bonds?

Today, because there are more and more cases of fraud, people often worry that they will buy a fake or invalid prize bond. The National Savings Scheme website warns against buying fake prize bonds. Before buying a prize bond, look for the following things on it.

Number of Lucky Draws 2022

The Prize Bond Schedule for 2022 says that there are two to four lucky draws in most Pakistani cities every month. At first, there were only 24 draws per year, but as the number of investors has grown, the number of draws has gone up to 36 per year.

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