NITB Result Batch 16,17,18 Online Check

NITB Result Batch 16,17,18 Online Check Here. Visit to see the NITB Result Batch 16 and 17 results on the internet. NITB waiting list batch checks online here, as well as the primary IT result of the batch. Check your National Information Technology Board (NITB) results in 2022 batch-wise online from this website by using your roll number or your name. To check your NITB result online, please enter your roll number in the box provided. Candidates who have sat in the National Institute of Technology and Business (NITB) examinations in 2022 and are now waiting for the results may now check their results on the board’s official website. The results of NITB Batch 16 have been released. NITB result batch 16 for the year 2022.

NITB Result Batch 15,16,17 2022 Check Online

According to the National Information Technology Board, the online results for batches 14, 15, 16, and 17 have been published online. So, at this location, you can check out the NITB Result Batch 16 2022 Check Online Now. On the official website, you may also see the results of the 14th retake test, which was held in November. Consequently, students may verify their results by looking for their roll number and their name on the internet. Candidates who submit for nomination for the Basic IT training course via the NITB can verify their results on the NITB’s official website, accessible from any computer. Furthermore, on this page, we list all of the National Information Technology Board’s findings in the order they were released. Consequently, continue reading this page to learn more about the IT Basic curriculum and the results procedure.

NITB Result Announced

Failures or absentees will not be required to reapply, and they will be automatically summoned back for the next retake test. The result status “RL” indicates that the result will be announced within 15 days after submitting the results.

NITB Result Batch Wise

NITB Waiting List 2022

In Pakistan, e-commerce is managed by the National Information Technology Board (NITB). On August 11, 2014, the Government of Pakistan’s Ministries resolved to merge the Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) with the Electronics and General Industries Department (EGD) (Electronic Government Directorate).

NITB waiting List Batch 15

Candidates who have taken part in NITB examinations can now access and obtain answer keys from this website. For them to estimate their final and official result online before the final and official result release. Many applicants cannot get their results from the official website due to technical difficulties with the website. Candidates must enter their roll number in the provided box to see their results in the provided box. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

NITB Waiting List Batch 16 2022

The Punjab government founded NITB Punjab in 1999 as part of the National Information Technology Board. It is a self-governing organization that operates under the supervision of the Punjab Department of Industries. The board’s purpose is to transform Pakistan into a digitally empowered country by providing information technology assistance to federal ministries and departments to accelerate their advancement in their respective fields.

NITB Waiting List Batch 17 2022

Visit to see the announced NITB Batch 17 2022 Results. Here you may check the progress of Basic IT Batch 16, 17, and 18 as well as the NITB waiting list. Here you may look up your 2022 NITB results by name and roll number, as reported by the National Information Technology Board. Simply input your roll number in the online checker to see your NITB grade.

NITB Waiting List Batch 18 2022

In Pakistan, e-commerce is overseen by the National Information Technology Board (NITB). Pakistan’s government ministries merged the Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) and the Electronics and Graphics Division (EGD) on August 11, 2014. (Electronic Government Directorate).

NITB Result Batch 15.5 and 16 Check Online

Batch-16 and Batch-15.5 results are expected by November 15, 2022, for Retake-14-5 and Batch-15. NITB Batch 16 2022 Results Available Here! Therefore, NITB takes care to pick qualified people to work in this department. The development of our nation Pakistan is directly proportionate to education.

NITB Batch 17 Result 2022

Key automation, IT robust implementation, and other IT projects, graphic design, and development all rely heavily on NITB’s authentication services. In a same vein, NITB is working to expand the role that e-commerce and good governance play in all branches of government. This group has improved public sector efficiency and the state of e-governance.

NITB Result 2022

NITB was established on 11 August 2014, when the Pakistan Computer Bureau (PCB) and the Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) merged to create the National Information Technology Board (NITB), which was The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has given its approval (MoIT). The National Institute of Technology and Business (NITB) intends to solve the operational challenges of all administrative divisions and Ministries.

National Information Technology Board Result 2022

If you are one of those who are interested in knowing the NITB result 2022 batch-wise, you have come to the right site. We spoke with authorities from the National Institute of Technology and Business (NITB), who informed us that the results would be available online within a few days. You must maintain contact to get your results as soon as they are made public by the university. On this page, you will also be able to download the results by batch, if necessary. We have given a direct link to the results page to check them without any hassle.

Basic IT Result of Batch-13.5Check Online
2Batch 13 CPL1-3 – RL ResultCheck Online
3Result of Batch 13Check Online
4Result of Batch Batch-11(1658 candidates)Check Online
5Result of Batch Latest Batch-10.5 (444 candidates)Check Online
6Basic IT Result of Batch 12 LatestCheck Online
7Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5-LatestCheck Online
8Basic IT Result of Batch 12Check Online
9Basic IT Result of Batch-11.5Check Online
10Result Batch_11Check Online
11Result Batch_10-5Check Online
12Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11Check Online
13Basic IT Result of Batch-10.5 (Retake) and Batch-11Check Online
14Basic IT result of Batch-10 (Module 3)Check Online
15Basic IT result of Batch-10 (Module 6)Check Online
16BIT Result of Batch-8.5Check Online
17Result Batch-9Check Online
18Result Batch-9.5Check Online
19Result Batch-8-5 (Retake-5)Check Online
20Result Batch-8Check Online
21Result Batch-7Check Online
22Result Batch-7.5Check Online
23Result Batch-6Check Online
24Result Batch-6.5Check Online
25Result Batch-5-Module 6Check Online
26Result Batch-4Check Online
27Basic IT Result of Batch-9.5 and Retake-6Check Online
28Result Batch-5-Module 3Check Online

NITB Test Schedule 2022

Dear applicants, if you are experiencing difficulties obtaining your NITB result online, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Besides your name and roll number, we will also offer you your CNIC number and name.

NITB Result Batch 16

Candidates who are curious about the status of their results for either batch 16 or 16.5 may do so by contacting the ministry focal individuals in charge of that area. Finally, the National Information Technology Board has a webpage where candidates may double-check their scores. Thus, they must be shown on the BIT training section’s results page. After that, customers may check their online scores through the Basic IT Training site.

How to Check NITB Batch 15.5 and 16 results Online 2022?

Exams for IT degree programmes are essentially being run by the National Information Technology Board. When nomination forms are forwarded to the board in this manner, they often lack the supporting letters required for consideration. Applicants who take part in the BIT course test but who do not pass the exam may be prevented from enrolling in subsequent courses. The norm is that you must pass the introductory course before applying for the following course in the same manner. However, the results of Batch 16 and 15.5 are likely to be released the following day. Consequently, the applicant will get information about their results from their departmental or ministry focal people.

NITB Registration 2022

Candidates waiting for their results from batch 15.5 or batch 16 may contact their respective ministry focal people to find out the specifics of their test results and have their questions answered. In addition, applicants may see their results on the National Information Technology Board’s official website, which you can find here. Consequently, they must go to the results page of the BIT training area in this manner. After that, users may access the Basic IT Training site results to see their results online.

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